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paternal grandfather:
Kazimierz Krzemiński
paternal grandmother:
maternal grandfather:
maternal grandmother:
Ewa Owczarek

Marianna Krzemińska

  Marianna was born in 1774 in Kowale, POL‑OP

christened  on Monday, the 4th of April 1774 in kościół Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Praszce, Praszka, POL‑OP; her godparents were Antoni Pająk and Dorota Kłak

was born 247 years ago (as of 18 JUL 2021); her father was 29 years old at her birth; Marianna was 34 years old when her mother died and 15 years old when her father died
Marianna was the 2nd amongst the siblings; she had got 3 brothers and a sister


  • {#1} In the past (before 20th century), when parents baptismed their daughter with ‘Maria’ as a given name, the priests in the parish book would not write ‘Maria’, but ‘Marianna’ (Marjanna, Maryanna) as her given name. Therefore, the person was called ‘Marianna’ in all church issues, and usually also in all civil issues. Forename ‘Maria’ was reserved for Maria from the Nazareth, the Mother of Jesus Christ.
  • {#2} Belongs to the Krzemiński family (progenitor: Kazimierz Krzemiński).



paternal grandfather: Kazimierz Krzemiński (1729-?)
father: Filip Krzemiński (1745-1789)
sister: Łucja Piechura née Krzemińska (1773-1829)
Marianna Krzemińska (1774-?)
brother: Kazimierz Krzemiński (1777-1825)
brother: Ludwik Krzemiński (1778-?)
brother: Paweł Krzemiński (1788-?)
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